Papi Churro/Jinxy Deviate - Founder

In June of 2019, I received an invitation to read at a Pride event in Cedar Park, Texas, little did I know that it would change my life. I soon learned that a 57 page report was made on me by the Salty people of Mass Resistance, a Racist and Anti-LGBTQ hate group with nothing better to do than to spread their hate. This 57 page report made it to the Mayor of Cedar Park and to local hate group Infowars. The Mayor of Cedar Park canceled the Drag Storytime and Alex Jones of Infowars tried smearing my name on his half ass show. I preserved, I held my head high. I have a clean police record and have had uglier, meaner bullies on my ass. So as their sheeple stalked me and called me names, I decided it was time to remember who the hell I am. I trademarked "Some Kind of Bizarre Stripper" and decided to make a Burlesque troupe called Bizarre Stripper Burlesque to provide space for Transfemme/Non-Binary performers, who are marginalized and have to fight for their existence, so they have can feel good and be comfortable in their bodies and celebrated. As a Two-Spirit Native Warrior, this is my calling, this is who I protect. I will continue to provide a safe, open space that celebrate all bodies, all races, all walks of life, because if we're not avenging our Ancestors, are we truly living?